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When it comes to commercial and industrial services, BB&E understands the competitive business climate of its customers.   We understand that when you need Environmental, Health & Safety Professionals, it is essential for that firm to provide quality service and be responsive to your needs, affordable, and solution-oriented.  At BB&E, we hit the mark on all of these areas as we have repeatedly been recognized for our client satisfaction by our peers.  If you have a challenge that you would like to discuss with one of our Professionals, we’re more than happy to listen!

Our services include Environmental Assessments, Health & Safety Assessments, Site Investigations, Remedial Investigations, Feasibility Studies, Corrective Measures Studies, Remedial Design, Remedial Action, Remedial Process Optimization, Sustainable Remediation Evaluations, Data Management Services, Natural and Cultural Resource Services, Environmental Management Systems, Compliance Services such as Permitting, Training, and Reporting, and Energy Management.