Air Force Civil Engineer Center-Operations (AFCEC/CO) Support, Worldwide

US Air Force New Jersey aircraft

Project overview

BB&E provides technical support to AFCEC/CO in locations worldwide in the areas of engineering (civil, mechanical, structural, electrical), facilities planning, pavements, and fire protection. Our support includes, expert technical analyses regarding civil/structural/electrical engineering, Military Construction (MILCON) management, airfield engineering/Airfield Pavement Evaluation (APE), fire protection; acquisition/ execution; water/wastewater/stormwater engineering, and plans/publications support. BB&E provides technical expertise for criteria development and review of engineering documents, including United Facility Criteria (UFC), United Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGSs), and Air Force Instructions (AFIs), Air Force Pamphlets (AFPs), and Air Force Handbooks (AFHs).  BB&E also provides technical support to the Air Force Energy Subject Matter Expert (SME) on energy security technology and project issues related to electrical base support systems, including development of criteria and standards governing the design and life-cycle management of Air Force (AF) facility energy security systems. We provide reach-back and on-site advice on extremely complex electrical system problems and provide professional guidance on technical policies and procedures, including consulting on planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and other factors that affect AF energy security.