Design and Construction Management


Our architects and engineers produce designs and provide recommendations with respect to programming, construction/renovation space planning, concept design, design development, sustainable practices, and code compliance. BB&E has conducted site assessments prior to design with the intent of generating system design requirements. BB&E participates as both inspector and witness during construction to ensure quality control standards are upheld. BB&E performs acceptance testing and produces troubleshooting recommendations for equipment and systems that are compiled during facility commissioning. Utilizing Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) BB&E is able to provide insight on opportunities to save cost and accurately forecast future Return on Investment (ROI). BB&E has evaluated submittals and provided feedback on third-party designs with respect to programming, space planning, concept design, development, sustainable practices, and codes compliance assurance to include analysis of furnished drawings and specifications, review of cost estimates and other required services.


Construction Management

BB&E provides construction management support at several installations. Our support includes but is not limited to reviewing and providing comments on statements of work and requests for proposals or quotations; reviewing cost estimates; providing technical support for claims/disputes/terminations processing, negotiation, and resolution; reviewing or identifying the need for a modification to scope, cost, or schedule; monitoring and documenting Architect and Engineering (A&E) contractor’s technical compliance and progress; and reviewing contractor’s submittals (e.g., schedules, plans, drawings, etc.) and providing recommendations to the government.

Cost Estimating

BB&E provides analysis and review of engineering-related cost estimates, environmental/engineering program cost tracking, trend analysis, and budget planning and programming in support of the mission. We provide independent assessments and assistance with cost estimates, and evaluate prices submitted by other contractors for validity and consistency. Using commercial software such as RS Means and Timberline, BB&E develops cost estimates and makes adjustments based on experience with relevant construction costs and location-specific components. We perform analysis of construction schedules using Primavera P6 and/or MS Project to identify project risks and critical path. Cost estimating services include, but are not limited to:

  • Independent Government Estimates
  • Parametric Cost Engineering System (PACES)
  • DD1391s
  • DD1354s
  • TRIRIGA Support
  • RS Means
  • Timberline
Design Support

BB&E reviews and provides input on conceptual designs (<15% design), charrettes, designs at 35%, 50%, Pre-Final and Final, submittals, shop drawings and documents prepared by government personnel, government-contracted Architect and Engineering (A&E) design firms, and other contracted firms. BB&E’s professionals also bring knowledge and experience in architectural design demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of all phases of architectural design, including architectural programming, space planning, concept design development, sustainable design, design analyses, compliance with codes and standards, drawings, specifications, and other required services.

Energy Audits

BB&E provides American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) energy audits at several installations with the goal of identifying and recommending energy-saving projects, programs, and initiatives. Tasks include the analysis of building and utility data; operating conditions; building behavior and its interactions with the weather, occupancy, and maintenance schedules; recommendations on optimizing facility operations; and other means to minimize utility costs. 

Facility Condition Assessments

Our team of on-site personnel provides clients in-depth mechanical, HVAC, and electrical support to the Asset Visibility Team (AVT) to conduct Facility/Infrastructure Condition Assessments at bases worldwide. We also provide technical input for developing associated reports. We advise and assist with the oversight, monitoring, and Quality Control of Contractor performance, adherence to standard operating procedures (including playbooks), as well as the resulting data during the evaluations. BB&E reviews and critiques the analysis of condition assessment data using specialized software such as PAVER, BUILDER, GEOBASE, and other DoD systems. 

Service leadership