Air Force Civil Engineer Center - Planning and Design

Tank farm

Project overview

BB&E provides Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) in support of AFCEC, DoD, and Other Customer Funded Design & Construction Branch (CFSD) and its mission partners. CFSD mission provides planning, programming, and project management for the worldwide execution and administration of inspection, design, construction, demolition, and environmental contracts and task orders in support of Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy capitalized fuel infrastructure, DLA Environmental, and DLA Installation Support for Distribution.  Our support includes the planning, programming, and execution of competitive and negotiated construction and Architect-Engineering (AE) actions (new contracts/task orders and modifications) – most of them directly in support of DLA Energy capitalized fuel infrastructure at Department of Defense (DoD) locations worldwide, mainly on Air Force and Air National Guard Installations, but also at Navy, Army, and Marine Corps bases, as well as Defense Fuel Supply Points.  Work also includes centrally managed programs such as fuel storage tanks subject to American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 and Steel Tank Institute (STI) SP-001, Cathodic Protection, API 510 Pressure Vessels, and API 570 Pipelines.