BB&E is Now Employee-Owned

December 2023
ESOP News Graphic

For several years, BB&E's leadership team has strategized a way to differentiate ourselves from the industry, giving us a competitive advantage while driving a deeper relationship between our workers and the projects they are working on. On BB&E's 21st anniversary in September 2023, our company evolved and transitioned ownership to our team members by creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This shift in ownership has allowed our employees to share ownership, reward our people for their hard work, and enhance our culture. This ownership plan directly links the collective effort that our company puts into our work and the value of the stock in this benefit. The ESOP benefit plan is 100% company-funded, allowing BB&E to contribute directly to team members' financial accounts. As our work continues to grow as it has in the past, BB&E employee accounts additionally grow over time. Everybody's individual on-the-job contributions and our exceptional team's collective efforts help shape this benefit's future. The impact of this company-wide achievement shows through the retention of all current employees and will be shown with the continued quality and responsibility taken in our work.

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