Air Force Environmental Restoration Program Support at Multiple Air Force Installations

Construction of facility building

Project overview

BB&E provides a full range of services and deliverables to support the Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) at 133 Air Force Installations nationwide. With a broad-based staff of experienced environmental professionals, we review designs and technical documents related to the remediation of a full range of contaminants; assist in the preparation of reports; provide environmental remediation regulatory partnering facilitation, conduct strategic planning, perform programming, and acquisition support; analyze data; track projects;  oversee field work; provide database maintenance and support, including administrative record ; and create/update strategic planning documents, such as Management Action Plans and Community Relation Plans. BB&E also supports the Emerging Contaminants and per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) team to develop strategies and track program metrics for emerging contaminants Air Force wide.